August 11, 2017


Maritime Application Development

Consulting and product deployment

We provide a full portfolio of integration and bespoke software development services for the maritime industry.

With Development ‘Centres of Excellence’ in Sydney our team of experienced IT and business process consultancy and in-house maritime software developers work with clients to identify and implement solutions to improve operational performance and add strategic value. Our team of consultants work directly with maritime clients on projects including:

  • Bespoke Software Development Services based on client specification
  • Application Integration Services
  • Joint Product/Services Development Services
  • Application Portfolio Consolidation Services
  • Advice clients on how to reduce the application footprint complexity through application portfolio consolidation
  • General IT Advisory services to help organisations improve efficiency and effectiveness in the Maritime landscape
  • Find innovative new solutions for Maritime Industry to fill gaps or to increase the efficiency for our clients
  • Provide consultancy and solutions on various Value Added Services like Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Increasing investment in a reliable system will result in huge potential savings and at the same time increase staff retention rates.