August 18, 2017


Shipping agencies, as almost every other business, are facing turbulent times, but not just because of faltering economies but also due to lack of visibility and transparency in service offerings that involve third parties, non-standardised processes, ad-hoc business supporting knowledge management system and poor governance. These eventually result in delays, SLA breaches, cost escalation and poor client experience. These challenges don’t remain limited to agencies but severely impact overall efficiency of the industry as whole.


In order to manage entire spectrum of stakeholder interests and to maintain high level of transparency across the value chain, while optimising the cost, ePortAdvisory has come up with a smart Information and Process Management platform, I-Cerebel that helps agencies in managing their information assets and automating decision support capabilities. In addition to that ship owners and operations managers can get real time visibility and status tracking of the services owned by the agency. Agencies are benefited by the improved productivity and controlled cost as the outcome of comprehensive information and process governance. Agencies can also use I-Cerebel to run collaborated planning, forecasting and replenishment services on a single platform. Activities, ownership and status are tracked right from the engagement to the invoicing and payment cycle using web application and mobile apps connected to I-Cerebel.


leveraging its powerful Big Data processing engine, I-Cerebel platform connects and manages information assets from distributed systems together and aggregates siloed storage islands across the enterprise into a common Data Lake repository. Smart solutions powered by cutting edge data science capabilities targets complex operational and compliance challenges in shipping industry and increase process visibility and transparency among the stakeholders for enhanced collaboration and effective decisions.

Highlights of I-Cerebel capabilities:

  • Consolidate, process and store information assets like documents, certificates, data, media files, system, logs, statement of facts in a single Hadoop based Data Lake repository

  • Auto generate lineage among information assets to display source, owner, consumer, relationship with other assets, correlation with business processes, business context (data dictionary) that in turn helps business in getting comprehensive contextual information about any asset with a simple search.

  • Workflow automation feature supports business decision simplification and strategic automation. Few out of the box supported workflows are:

  • Business inquiries

  • Compliance reporting

  • Document management

  • Invoice Processing

  • Service progress

  • Elastic search capability to search for any information asset – free text search, rule based search, wildcard search

  • Smart knowledge management modules that classify and index information embedded into the knowledge repositories and leverage historical decision trends for future recommendation and learns as it goes

  • On-demand operational BI, KPI monitoring and compliance reporting using lightning fast in memory advanced cluster computing with spark framework on Hadoop platform

  • Data Quality profiling, health check reports and data remediation services

  • Consistent and automated communication services – System generated emails and information sharing for compliance and various agency services



  • Transparency and visibility of agency services

  • Cost Optimisation (Optimised human resource utilization)

  • Process and decision Automation

  • Data driven decisions for agency operations

  • Optimised service SLAs for better client satisfaction