August 11, 2017

Business Consulting

Business Advisory

  • Apparently, every consulting in the world has same mission statement, regardless of the firm’s size, specific profession or country of operation.
  • To deliver outstanding client service; to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people; and to achieve financial success so that we can reward ourselves and grow.
  • Actually, every consulting firm must satisfy these three goals of “service, satisfaction and success” if it is to survive.
  • Many factors play a role in bringing these goals into harmony, but one has preeminent position: the ratio of junior, middle-level and senior staff in the firm (firm’s leverage).
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    1. Strategy
      • Strategic roadmap development
      • Business Operating Model (BOM)
      • Business Process Management (BPM) – Business process improvement and cross functional team
      • Performance Management (Operational and Financial KPI, etc)
    2. Procurement benchmarking survey and Procurement improvement
      • Supplier relationship management
      • Material information management
      • Fleet relation
      • Inventory management
      • Purchasing